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Soul Realignment

Do you ever feel you just cannot win?

Or are you constantly going round in circles repeating the same mistakes?

Maybe manifesting is not bringing you the life you wish for & deserve?

Soul Realignment can address all these issues and more!

We were all perfect miniature copies of Divine Source (God, Spirit), but due to our life choices, past & present, our Souls have been affected.

With information gathered from the Akashic Records, I can identify who you are at Soul level, then work with you to realign yourself to original state.

This will then give you the power to make new positive choices and achieve your heart's desire and more.  The world could really be in the palm of your hand!

Property Clearing

Do you feel uncomfortable at times in your home?

Maybe things go missing all the time?

Do you feel you have unwanted visitors in your home?

Does your home just feel a bit off?

Maybe you are trying to sell your lovely home, but something is preventing it?

The clearing service I provide can free your home of any negativity that may have gathered there.

It will also free any earthbound souls (spirits, ghosts), this process allows them to move on & transition as they should!

Again, using information from the Akashic Records, I can identify any blockages & clear your property for you!

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